Dog owners on the east side of town warned others about the Horseman and Dog Fanciers Park after one woman’s pet was attacked. 

Crystal Mouzon had to put her dog down.  

“Bingo was a happy, go-lucky dog,” Mouzon said.  “Yup, He was my heart. He was my heart.”

Bingo was 12 years old when he died, but Mouzon had had him since he was a puppy. 

“I adopted him when he was 2-years, and we had a great relationship,” said Mouzon.”  “He understood me. I understood him.”

Bingo was attacked by another dog in the park on Thursday.  Mouzon blames the lack of rules at the park. 

“I pulled him on by the leash on the harness and was holding him, and the pit bull wouldn’t let go of his leg,” Mouzon said.  “It was on his upper thigh.  I was hollering to someone come get their dog.”

But according to Mouzon, the owner of the other dog ran off. 

“I was there,” Kim Davis said pointing to the area where the attack occurred.  “It happened moments after I left. So, it could have been one of my small dogs. My dogs could be dead.”

Now, there are fliers taped to the trees in the park.
They read: “Has anyone had a small dog injured or killed by a large dog at this park?”

“Somebody can do something. All we need is a sign. A sign put up. That’s it,” said Robert Jones, a park patron.

Jones, along with others want the city to designate a spot in the park for smaller dogs.

“I shouldn’t have to be worried that some big dog is going to attack my dog or squish my dog or somehow maim or injure my dog.”

“It’s unfortunate,” Davis said. “It could have been prevented. That’s the worst. It could have been prevented, but nobody is taking responsibility.”

Davis said she’s spoken with the county on getting these changes started.  8 News NOW reached out to the county for that answer, but there’s still no response.