The effort to have more information released about the 1 October shooting continues to ramp up.  A state court hearing to unseal 14 search warrants is scheduled for Tuesday.

On Friday, a federal court judge unsealed hundreds of other pages late Friday afternoon.
Authorities are about three and a half months into the investigation.  The unsealed search warrants released Friday due to court motions by several local and national media outlets show investigators learned a lot in the hours and days immediately following the tragedy.

The documents also show that even though a federal judge unsealed hundreds of pages of affidavits from FBI investigators, some of the big questions remain unanswered. 

However, the documents give a clear picture of the wide net investigators cast looking for physical and digital evidence of shooter Stephen Paddock’s means, motive and possible collusion with others to carry out his attack.

“Some of this factual information that is being requested may very well answer some of those questions, it may not, we don’t know until we get it,” said Michelle Simpson Tuegel, Hunt & Tuegel.

Simpson Tuegel represents several of the shooting survivors. Even though she’s not involved in the motion to unseal the documents, she said she’ll be at Tuesday’s hearing.  A judicial court judge is expected to rule on a motion to unseal search warrant requests made by Metro Police.

“I know that our clients, and the survivors and their family members; it’s been awhile now, and there still aren’t answers,” Simpson Tuegel said. 

A federal court judge could unseal additional documents based on how the judicial court rules, but what these documents likely won’t answer are questions about communication between Paddock and Mandalay Bay staff or MGM.  Attorneys representing the victims and survivors are seeking that information as part of their civil litigation.

“MGM described those interactions as ‘normal behavior,’ and we really want to know what are they considering normal behavior,” said Simpson Tuegel. 

The answer to perhaps the biggest question of all — why? — may continue to elude investigators for quite some time.

“It may be a longer-term issue that made him snap per se, but we may not find out,” said Joe Lombardo, Clark County Sheriff.

8 News NOW reached out to MGM, and a spokesperson said at this stage, they are not commenting on the investigation.