Doctors urge residents to get flu shots, share preventative measures


It has been a pretty warm October, but the flu season is in full swing in Clark County, and so far it’s been a deadly season.

According to doctors, infants, and elderly people have the greatest risk of being affected by the flu, which is why local doctors have encouraged everyone to get a flu shot. 

Eight-year-old Margot Shea received a flu shot.

“It didn’t hurt because I didn’t look at it and I didn’t think about it,” Margot said.

The child’s mother says she wants to ensure her household is free of sicknesses.

“There were a few years where I got so sick, and I was really sorry I didn’t get the flu shot,” said Caryn Shea

Earlier this month, Southern Nevada Health District reported the county’s first flu-related death, and although it was an adult who died, Dr. Ryan Nishihara says kids are at an even greater risk.

The problem that we have is not really good hygiene with hand washing, and kids pick up things; they touch things; they put it in their mouth; they rub their face,” Nishihara said.

Dr. Nishihara showed demonstrated the right way to wash your hands as he said, “we always recommend to get an ample amount of soap out.”

Dr. Nishihara said it’s then important to lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails for at least 20 seconds.”

“It’s important to vigorously rub,” Dr. Nishihara said.

He says it’s the most efficient way to prevent spreading germs.  Doctors also say it’s important to wash your hands anytime you’ve touched food, trash, animals, used the restroom or cared for anyone sick.

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