District attorney won’t charge NLV Mom whose daughters were missing


A North Las Vegas child neglect case against a mother will not proceed forward due to insufficient evidence. 

Forty-seven-year-old Eloina Avalos-Perez, who reported her daughters missing last Friday, is not proceeding due to ‘insufficient evidence’ the Clark County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday afternoon.

Avalos-Perez’s daughters, ages six and nine, were found in the afternoon hours on May 18, which was 24 hours after they were last seen leaving Lincoln Elementary School, according to North Las Vegas Police.

A District Attorney’s Office spokesperson said, The case was denied due to insufficient evidence.

Avalos-Perez was arrested on two counts of child neglect, the arrest report said she was careless with her children, allowing strangers to pick them up from school, and being “habitually” late when she did show up.

When Avalos-Perez reported her daughters missing, she told investigators the kids were left with their babysitter. Instead, the girls were with a separate woman, who Avalos-Perez had allegedly just met that morning, according to investigators.

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