A man facing charges in two separate homicide cases shot and killed both victims because he believed he was owed money, according to the arrest reports.

Shawn “Bubba” Eisenman, 30, is accused of shooting LaDonna Metais in the face on July 3, 2016 as she stood on her front porch with friends. The report said Eisenman shot Metais from a car and sped off.

During the investigation of Metais’ death, police learned that Metais and her boyfriend had purchased a utility trailer from a neighbor which was later impounded by the police because it was stolen.

Eisenman claimed the trailer belonged to him and that Metais and her boyfriend owed him $7,000 or he would shoot up their home. There were other similar threats in the weeks prior to the deadly shooting, the report said.

He faces charges of murder with the use of a deadly weapons, two counts of assault with the use of a deadly weapon, shooting into an occupied structure, shooting from an occupied vehicle and a prohibited person being in possession of a firearm.

Eisenman is also charged in another murder. This one happened on Dec. 9, 2015. The body of 28-year-old Cameron Ryan was found on a dirt access road of U.S. 95 south of Lone Mountain Road. He had been shot in the head.

A witness contacted police and said he had contact with Ryan and Eisenman before the shooting. Both were friends who had stayed at his home at various times. 

According to the arrest report, Eisenman showed up at the witness’ home shortly after Ryan left on foot. Eisenman claimed Ryan owed him $40. Eisenman grabbed his gun, went to an upstairs window, saw Ryan walking near U.S. 95 and shot him, the report said.

According to the report, Eisenman said, “you better not say anything or you are next.”

Eisenman did go to Ryan’s body and removed a wallet, $80 and a cell phone, the report said. 

The witness told detectives what happened after Eisenman tried to blame him for the shooting.

Eisenman is facing murder with the use of a deadly weapon and robbery with the use of a deadly weapon.