LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — DentaQuest, an oral health care company, donated $25,000 to the UNLV School of Dental Medicine to help with their women’s clinic, providing dental work for those in need.

The clinic works directly with “The Shade Tree,” a local organization that provides safe shelter to homeless and abused women & children in crisis.

Services like these are crucial, especially for women and children that are now in a vulnerable state and need help to meet some of the most basic human needs.

Dr. Lily T. Garcia, the Dean of UNLV Dental Medicine explains.

“They come in and they are identified,” said Dr. Lily T. Garcia — Dean of the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. “We appoint them and students provide this care, so the patients don’t have to worry about the costs. Our faculty gives up their Saturdays, helping monitor and help teach

If the clinic determines that someone needs more than just a standard cleaning, they will be directed to their main clinic, free of charge. 

This is the largest donation DentaQuest has made to the school — a donation Dr. Garcia says they are extremely grateful for.

“DentaQuest has been involved before, but not to this level so this is huge for us,” Dr. Garcia said. “To receive $25,000, and remember we have reduced rates at the dental school so it’s not directly at the full cost of a private practice, so that allows us to do more with the funds we receive,” said Dr. Garcia

The women’s clinic started 10 years ago and since then they have done more than 1,000 procedures.

“The clinic has done 1,600 procedures since 2011, so providing services like placing a crown, a cleaning, or an extraction or a filling,” said Dr. Garcia. “When you think about that, that’s about a value of over $300,000.”

If you would like to donate to the clinic, CLICK HERE.