Democratic State Convention hits Las Vegas


The political spotlight is shining bright in the state of Nevada on Saturday with both the Democratic and Republican conventions taking place.

The state GOP is meeting up north in Reno while the Democrats are meeting at Paris Las Vegas.

The vote between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is tight within a few dozen votes as the two fight for the Democratic nomination.

Even though everyone in Nevada is voting for a candidate that’s a Democrat, it got heated when Senator Barbara Boxer from California took the stage and showed her support for Hillary Clinton, some spectators’ booed Boxer.

Chaos also started as it was hard to take control of the convention when some attendees wouldn’t take their seat. Organizers actually tried shushing people from the podium to try and regain control.

With the numbers so close, one Bernie supporter feels things could still flip in Sander’s favor.

“The votes are so close that in the next hour I wouldn’t doubt that people who previously voted for Hillary being how close it is and vote with their heart as well and switch their vote,” Delegate Darcy Robinson said.

Clinton is widely expected to keep her lead through the national convention, even though Sanders won at Nevada’s county-level conventions last month.

However, votes will continue until later into Saturday evening especially with it so close.

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