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Dementia is a problem facing more than 5 million Americans but robotic technology is helping those with dementia.

Often with dementia patients, it’s the day-to-day interactions such as remembering to take medicine, remembering to even eat but it’s also the social interactions.

At the Kavod Senior Life facility near Denver, some memory care patients there have a new roommate that’s known as a “companion-bot.”

Eighty-year-old David Keir has dementia. His companion robot named Ryan not only talks and interacts with him, but also helps him to remember. She’s been programmed to help David throughout the day.

Keir says she’ll say it’s time to get up and go to breakfast or it’s time to take your medicine.

“The companion-bot is to assist both with these memory issues and to have a working companion to increase the level of happiness and that feeling of belonging,” said Jennifer Grant.

Ryan the Robot is designed by a Colorado company called  Dreamface Technology.

Ryan has a 3-dimensional face with blinking eyes and a large vocabulary so it can interact and answer questions.

It can even recognize facial expressions. The goal is to give dementia patients and seniors a better quality of life. After four weeks with Ryan, caregivers say they’ve already seen a change in David.

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