Deadly crash ends in family’s backyard party


A deadly crash involving a bicyclist and truck in a Las Vegas neighborhood Sunday night could’ve ended much differently.

The crash happened on Torrey Pines Drive near Charleston Boulevard.

The family was celebrating a birthday party in the backyard  when a Ford pickup truck crashed into a bicyclist and then through a brick wall into their backyard. Some of them standing just two to three feet from where that truck entered the yard.

Car parts and concrete cinder blocks were scattered across the backyard from the impact and a bicyclist was pinned under the truck.

“We were all sitting in this area 20 minutes before and then I left to run to go get something,” said Priscilla Munoz, who lives in the home. “And then I came back, my mom called me freaking out because she was inside and just heard a loud noise,”

That loud noise was a pickup truck which police say collided into  a male bicyclist before plowing through the family’s brick wall Sunday night.

Munoz and her family members were celebrating a 21st birthday party. At that time, 10 children were playing in a now deflated bounce house.

“I was just surprised none of it hit the bouncy house where the kids were,” Munoz said.

Her sister Leslie was standing about three feet what is now a gapping hole in her backyard wall.

“They were yelling, screaming, looking for the children,” Munoz said.

According to the family, the collision pinned the bike rider under the truck.

“He was just laying there. Nobody noticed he was there because so much cement was piled up on him and then they noticed that’s when my aunt ran to him and he was just freaking out,” Munoz said.

That bicyclist was alive and hyperventilating in their backyard but died later after being transported to the hospital. It was a traumatic night the family says they will never forget.

That bicyclist has been identified by the Clark County Coroner’s Office as 42-year-old Jeremy Clark.

According to the family, police told them Luis Aguilar was the driver behind the wheel when it happened.

The driver was arrested for hit-and-run and driving under the influence. Those charges could change now that the bicyclist has died.

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