The Clark County School District admits its still searching for the right candidate to take over the superintendent position for Pat Skorkowsky.

Skorkowsky will retire in June, and the deadline to apply for the superintendent position is Thursday, March 15.  Choosing the right candidate is very important because whoever is chose will shape the future of the Clark County School District.

The incoming superintendent is going to face things like budget issues and the district’s recent reorganization.

“If they’re going to be scared, then I don’t want them to apply,” said former Clark County School Board Trustee Terri Janison.  

Potential candidates need to understand their own capabilities and whether or not they can apply it to the job.

“With the reorganization, and all the things that came down through the legislative session, with the empowerment — that takes a different skillset then someone who is going to be able to lead and say, do this, this and this,” Janison said.

Janison oversaw two separate superintendent searches while on the board.  She says every search is different and depends on what the district is going through at that time. 
Janison also adds the incomer should understand Nevada law and how to execute what’s required by it.

“There’s gotta be someone who knows how to lead a lot of different personalities and a lot of different viewpoints to be able to come to a consensus for what’s best for that child that we’re all working on behalf of,” Janison said.

Clark County School Board Trustee Deanna Wright says the salary is going to be in the $320,000 a year range and there’s no minimum amount of experience required.
“There really isn’t some bullet points,” Wright. “What is it, we’re looking for someone that has demonstrated moving the needle forward in student achievement. We want somebody that’s innovative, somebody that’s a people person.”

Especially, when you consider the number of people that will be impacted by this decision.

“You’re talking about 36,000 employees, 300,000 children and so it’s a big, big lift to be able to get somebody in there that is qualified to take care of all those needs,” Janison said.

It’s the chance for someone to have a direct impact on the rising generation.

“I really do applaud anyone who is willing to stand up and say I want to do this because it is such a big lift and there is a lot of pressure,” Janison said.

The School Board of Trustees say candidate interviews will take place on April 12 and 13.  They’ll vote on the finalists on the 18th.