LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nearly two-dozen alleged white supremacists were arrested in the Las Vegas valley. According to law enforcement, the suspects were allegedly members of a white supremacist gang in southern Nevada.

Twenty-three alleged members of the Aryan Warriors white supremacist gang are facing a bevy of charges for crimes they allegedly committed while they were in prison, and while they were out on the streets.

“We’re talking murder, murder for hire, fraud, drug trafficking from methamphetamine to prescription drugs, extortion, theft, burglary; you name the type of crime, they were almost involved in all of it,” said Daniel Neill, Nevada Assistant Special Agent In Charge of the DEA.

Neill says the DEA got involved in the ongoing investigation in January, and it culminated Saturday when seven search warrants were issued. They led to 10 arrests and charges for 12 other people who were already behind bars.

“It was a combined effort of everyone bringing resources together to go after this violent criminal organization,” Neil said.

The most violent alleged offenders listed in the complaint are as followed:

  • Anthony Williams and Tarik Goicoechea: They’re charged with the murder of a fellow inmate at High Desert State Prison in 2016.
  • Christopher Ashoff and Devin Campbell were accused of committing a double-murder in January. Campbell is also accused of a third killing of a homeless man in a tent.

In all, there are 19 men and four women who are facing 152 charges in the case.

“All the tools in the arsenal were utilized to bring these guys to justice,” Neil said.

While the DEA calls the operation a success, Neill still would not go so far as to say they’ve taken down the gang.

“Our goal is to reduce violent crime in the Vegas area, so where this one may end, another investigation will begin,” Neil said.