Daycare worker writes on baby’s stomach


A daycare worker in Florida has been fired after a mother says the teacher wrote a note for her on her son’s stomach.

The message said “Mom I’m out of diapers. Please read my report.”

“Immediately I was upset. I didn’t know what to do. I called family, I said, ‘is this something I should be upset about? Am I overreacting?’ They told me I wasn’t,” said Heather Chisum, mother.

Chisum said this was actually the second time someone from the Children’s Education Center of the Islands wrote a message on her little boy Milo but not like this.

So she posted a picture of her son on Facebook — looking for advice on what to do. The image sparked outrage from parents.

“It wasn’t right what happened, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thought that,” she said.

In a statement the Children’s Education Center of the Islands apologized. The executive director admitted this is a “breach of our professional ethics” and the school has fired the teacher responsible.

While the teacher is gone, Chisum says the stain on her son remains.

“I’ve given him two showers and scrubbed his stomach and it’s not coming off.”

She just hopes no parent or child will ever experience the same thing.

“Anything that upsets you, like bring it forward, bring light to it. Figure out the situation, insert yourself even if you feel like you’re overreacting, it’s still better to be a part of it and figure out a solution.”

Chisum says she sees several teachers during drop off and pick up every day and if they had told her about the diapers, she would have taken care of it.

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