Cybersecurity expert explains how to shop safely online during Amazon Prime Days


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are 150 million registered Amazon Prime users so the frenzy shopping will be real over the next 48 hours as Amazon offers special deals to those users.

It’s also a time for shoppers to be especially aware of protecting personal information so it doesn’t get into the hands of hackers.

“Hackers are now preparing for Amazon Prime Day, just like we are. They’re getting the domains registered that are necessary to basically intercept people’s usernames and passwords and are going to create web pages that look just like Amazon’s website in order to sell you things that don’t exist,” said Kierk Sanderlin, head of engineering, Check Point Software Technologies.

Sunderlin is a cybersecurity specialist and warns energetic online shoppers to be aware of suspicious websites that may look like the real deal, but aren’t.

“Make sure that it’s spelled correctly. That it’s, not and that there is an https banner and you’re connecting in a secure fashion via SSL (the padlock symbol next to the URL address) This is an encrypted connection directly to,” he said.

Sanderlin also suggests only sharing the bare minimum information when you make a purchase. Keep in mind, online retailers will not ask for personal information like your date of birth or Social Security Number to process a transaction.

And very importantly, Sunderlin says to change your Amazon account password to a much stronger one before you shop.

“And change your password regularly. This is, this is just basic cyber hygiene. It’s something people don’t like to do. Don’t use the same password for many of your different applications. Use one password and one password alone for your amazon account and change it every few months.”

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