LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Nearly a month after a massive fire destroyed over a dozen lofts at a downtown Las Vegas complex, people living in the area say they’ve been dealing with a lot more crime.

Described as the largest fire within city limits in the past 25 years by Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, the blaze displaced dozens of residents, most of which have now found other places to live, or are staying in hotels.

People living there say theft has always been an issue within the complex even with cameras around, but thieves are now taking advantage of the situation, stealing everything from furniture to TVs.

“We have been pretty vulnerable ever since the fire,” said Ryan Grillo, a resident of a downtown Las Vegas loft, “it seems like word has gotten around and they just keep coming.”

Police have installed cameras around the perimeters and even have a patrol car onsite to deter any crime, but still, residents say that isn’t stopping people from taking others’ belongings.

Those in the downtown loft community say they are working with their HOA to install better fencing and more security. However, to do so means more money comes out of their pockets. Many have notified the police of the thefts, but according to them, nothing has been done at this time.