Crime Tracker 8: Burglary suspect breaks into woman’s home, steals credit cards


Police in North Las Vegas are looking for a group of burglary suspects who stole a woman’s credit card from her bag that was inside her home. 

It happened near N. Decatur Boulevard and W. Cheyenne Avenue.

“The homeowner woke up and found that her purse was missing. She looked around the house, didn’t see anything unsecured; her garage door was open,” said Eric Leavitt, North Las Vegas Police.

Police believe someone broke into her home and stole her credit cards while she was sleeping. 

The burglary happened on Sparta Way. Some three weeks later, police say they finally have a lead on the culprit.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video leaving a gas station. 

“They just went in looking for specific things and some criminals do that,” Leavitt said.  “They go into a house looking for certain items.”

Other suspects were caught on camera just a few days after the burglary leaving Target. 

“We have a couple descriptions of the cars. There are about three cars in total and there are about four suspects,” said Leavitt.  “They actually used her credit card that night.”

Leavitt urges people to lock their garage doors because not doing that is a simple mistake with big consequences. 

“Just simple tips for your home: Make sure everything is locked, double check, don’t keep your credit cards out on the counter or easily accessible,”  Leavitt said.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects should call Crime Stoppers.

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