CRAZY CRASH: Van speeds away with motorcycle in bumper


A California man was arrested over the weekend for a hit-and-run incident that has to be seen to be believed. Luckily, some motorists who saw what happened recorded the bizarre scene.

The cell phone video is stunning. It shows a minivan speeding east down the 91 freeway outside of Corona with a motorcycle lodged in its front bumper trailing a fiery stream of sparks,

“Oh this guy did try to kill me. Those weren’t the words, there was a lot more foul language. I feel like it was intentional, like he hunted me down,” said Chain Arunritthirot, motorcyclist.

Arunritthirot says it was just before 8 p.m. when he says he got hit from behind so suddenly that when he landed, some 200 feet away in the middle of the freeway, he had no idea what happened.

CHP estimates he was going 65 mph when the minivan hit him going 70 mph right before the 15 interchange.

The van’s driver never stopped.

“Those people pulled me over and were like ‘where’s my bike at?’ my bike was nowhere to be seen and it was just like, uh it was crazy,” Arunritthirot said.

As he waited for help, Will Ross and Natalie Duran were following the sparking minivan calling CHP and recording.

“My first thought was ‘oh my gosh where is this poor motorcyclist, what happened to him?'” Natalie Duran said.

“The best I kept trying to describe to the 911 operator was it literally looked like I witnessed something out of a movie. It was shocking. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life,” Will Ross said.

CHP did recover the van and take the driver into custody after he attempted to escape on foot after crashing the van into a fence.

Unbelievably, Arunritthirot has no broken bones or internal bleeding. He was wearing a helmet, gloves, and boots and was able to get up and walk when the paramedics arrived.

“My main thought is my poor bike, it’s never gonna be OK again. I can’t fix it,” he said.

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