LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 16-year-old Anthony Okelberry is accused of killing 75-year-old Hursey Addison, an unarmed security guard at a Las Vegas valley apartment complex.

8 News Now obtained the nearly 90-page grand jury transcript, which details the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting in April.

According to the grand jury transcript, the Clark County coroner’s office ruled Addison’s cause of death as a gunshot wound to the head with the manner of death listed as a homicide. Evidence photos show an apparent bullet hole in Addison’s car window and a ransacked glove box.

Metro police detectives told the grand jury they were able to connect Okelberry to the crime because they put a fraud flag around Addison’s missing credit cards. They were alerted to a gas station ATM where they saw surveillance video of two teens trying to use the credit cards and then walking toward Del Sol Academy.

Police arrested Okelberry while in class and say he had a gun on him. The grand jury transcript reads, “The spent round on scene and the live rounds still in the handgun had the same headstamp.”

Further evidence photos show blood spatter on Okelberry’s gun.

Police detectives say Okelberry eventually admitted to being near the scene of the crime and picking up Addison’s credit cards, but he denied ever pulling the trigger. Instead, he blamed a homeless man for the shooting.

Officers also say Okelberry got the gun from a friend. A warrant was executed at that friend’s home where police found Addison’s driver’s license, VA card, and several credit cards.

It only took the grand jury four minutes to decide to indict Okelberry. On May 1st, a Clark County judge set Okelberry’s bail at $250,000.