Couple decides to marry after Oct. 1 shooting


It has been months since the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas. Many are still recuperating from the pain and the damage that was caused by that tragedy.

That sad event has marked the lives of many including a couple who is choosing to lean on each other forever. 

“I just have a lot of pride in my town and when this happened it was like a permanent scar that will never go away,” said William King, Nevada resident.

King was shot in the chest at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. He wants to have a different permanent reminder of what he endured. That’s why he decided to get a Vegas Strong tattoo and something else — a forever love. 

“I’m one of the ones that is lucky. You know I may not have been lucky, there’s 58 that weren’t lucky and everyday I feel such a blessing,” King said.

He said, he never really believed in marriage but after the tragic event everything changed for him and his soon to be wife Kimberly Flores. 

“I can always remember the feeling of feeling helpless and feeling like the world was over,” said Kimberly Flores.

She was with him at the festival. She says, King saved her life. He held her tight to shield her from the gunfire.

“The way I look at it is it’s more of like a blood bond now. Honestly marriage to me is going to be awesome and beautiful and we’ll be linked together forever, but honestly we are together and linked because of that situation,” King said.

Timing and fate was everything for them that particular night and today they don’t see their lives without each other. 

“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I thank God every day,” Flores said. 

William and Kimberly will be getting married next March.

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