A couple was arrested for taking part in sexual relations on the High Roller, according to police.

Philip Frank Panzica and Chloe Alexis Scordianos were arrested for committing certain sexual acts in public.

Metro said the incident happened on Feb. 5.

In an arrest report released Tuesday, officers said the couple were first noticed by the High Roller’s operations leader.  The report said she saw the couple on surveillance cameras taking their clothes off as they smoked cigarettes.

Police said the operations leader took to the intercom to speak to the couple, asking them to stop put on their clothes.  The report said Panzica and Scordianos complied, but shortly after, they started up again.  However, this time, they performed sexual acts on each other.

The operations leader asked them to stop again, but they didn’t listen.  The operations leader then looked at other cameras to see if any of the guests could see the couple, and that’s when she noticed some people in another High Roller cabin recording the couple on their cell phone, the report said.

Once the ride stopped, security took Panzica and Scordianos into custody.  The report said the operations leader asked the people in the other cabin if they would make a statement, but they refused.