County shuts down elevated expressway plan


It was a huge project that garnered a lot of attention.

The idea was to build an elevated expressway that would take you right to the airport, but today the county decided it won’t go through with it.

The proposal was pitched in January by Clark County Public Works. The roadway would move traffic north from McCarran International Airport along Paradise Road.

The Nevada Resort Association opposed the idea and so did UNLV. The college was concerned about how the expressway would look next to the Thomas and Mack center.

Commissioner Lawrence Weekly said the project would have caused a lot of congestion.

“The original goal was to really figure out how do we move traffic around here as we exit the airport, as we try and get into the resort corridor, as we try and move people as conveniently as we possibly can,” said Weekly. 

County Public Works said the expressway would provide an immediate solution to airport traffic. According to one study, the evening rush from Harmon to the airport takes more than 28 minutes. If the expressway was built, it would take nine. 

“It’s about putting a plan together and I like the fact that the staff really went out of their way to put something together, that I thought really would’ve moved people along much easier than what we’re dealing with currently,” Weekly said. 

Commissioner Weekly says the county needs to find a solution because the city is growing fast. 

The challenge is finding a way to please both tourists and locals.

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