Community leaders aim to lessen gang violence in North Las Vegas


Community leaders banded together today to try and uplift a North Las Vegas neighborhood. Faith leaders, police officers, and volunteers took part in the community outreach initiative near Cheyenne Avenue and Civic Center Drive. 

This apartment complex in the area is where three people were shot on Dec. 29 after an argument led to a shootout between two groups of people. Today, North Las Vegas community leaders are attributing the incident to gang violence and are stressing to the community that it needs to end.

“We’re working with the residents themselves because we’re learning that there are some conditions here that are contributing to the ability for violence to take place on an ongoing basis,” said Pastor Troy Martinez. “This is not the first time that a shooting has happened at this location. There have been several shootings, several homicides, and every time children are witnessing this.” 

Volunteers were at the apartment complex on Civic Center Drive for hours. The dozens of volunteers split into small groups and knocked on doors to spread a message to its residents. They handed out cards with information on contacting crime stoppers in case anyone had information on the shooting and wanted to remain anonymous. 

Some of the volunteers were from local faith groups as well, inviting residents to the church where they said they could find a community away from home. 

Regarding last night’s shooting, police are still looking for at least one suspect – possibly more –who are said to have fled the area after the gunfire critically injured two people and grazed a third.

The volunteer plans on continuing its outreach efforts throughout the new year. 

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