Cold Creek residents meet with BLM in hopes of stopping round up of wild horses


There is some controversy in Cold Creek because the community outside of Las Vegas is fighting to stop a roundup of wild horses.

It’s the latest move in a decade’s long battle.

The Bureau of Land Management says the horses are sick and need to be cared for, but animal advocates say that’s not the case.

The fight over the horses in Cold Creek is happening about 30-miles north of Las Vegas.

On Wednesday night, the BLM met with supporters of the animals, and that’s when everything came to a head.

“We have been handed a pile of BS from BLM for years,” said Greg Clarke, the president of the Cold Creek Homeowner’s Association.

Clarke said he hired an ecologist to take a look at the land, and the findings are clear.

“He wrote me a report that said the horses look good, the forage is good, everything’s replenishing, so, quite the opposite of what they’re saying that they won’t survive,” said Clarke.

Sandy Sharkey, a photographer from Canada who drove here to take photos of American Wildlife agrees.

“I photographed the horses today, they’re fine,” Sharkey said. “The horses are fine and free. Leave them be; let Mother Nature take care of the horses.”

“That’s a pretty cruel way to manage an animal,” said Tabitha Romero, Wild Horse, and Bureau Specialist for the Bureau of Land Management.

However, the BLM is staying firm, saying this needs to happen.

“What we’re trying to do is to be proactive versus reactive on this, and because we had very little snowfall and rainfall this winter, there may be a little bit of the green up now, but it’s not going to last long enough to support the current population in the area,” said Romero.

“You never ask for any input from us beforehand,” one attendee said.

Residents say they feel betrayed.

“It’s not right, you know they’re taking it away from not only Nevada residents, the people that live in this area, but they’re taking it away from our future generations as well,” Marjorie Ibay said.

The wild horses will be brought to a holding facility in California.
The BLM says the roundup Thursday will be a bait and switch method, so they’ll use food and water to get the horses into containers.

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