Classes for millennials designed to teach basic “Adulting”


Millennials lacking life skills — like cooking, budgeting, or time management — are now signing up for classes designed to teach them those basics.  Rachel Flehinger co-founded the aptly named “adulting school” in Portland, Maine.

This month, she’s launching online classes, geared toward millennials anywhere who want to know how to sew a button…understand modern art…or tell someone, they love them. Experts say millenials are behind because many haven’t left childhood homes.

The U.S. Census Bureau says in 2015 34% of 3 Americans between 18 and 34 still lived with a parent. That’s compared to just 26% in 2005. That translates into young adults marrying later, having children later, and ultimately figuring out those crucial life skills later, too.

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