LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — President Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday morning, writing that our state is a “cesspool of fake votes.” This comes as the Clark County registrar addressed the continuing vote count and fraud.

During a briefing Monday, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria reminded voters that Tuesday is the last day for Nevada to receive any mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day.

The votes will continue to be counted through Thursday.

“The bulk of the mail ballots are in the system now,” said Gloria. There are still about 60,000 provisional ballots to count.


Gloria said he is confident in the election process here, despite allegations of voter fraud. One allegation is that at least two votes were cast on behalf of dead people in Clark County.

The registrar responded to the Trump campaign’s allegations, saying:

“We have sent information to the Secretary of State. They have an investigative team. They are currently looking into quite a few things. For those folks in the public, we have the data, so if there has been anything that has been done illegally, we are going to find it.”

Some signatures on mail-in ballots still need to be confirmed before those votes can be counted. Only a small percentage of voters have to go through the process, known as signature curing, to confirm their signature.

Voters have until Nov. 12 to cure their ballots, and Gloria noted the outstanding cures is just under 2,000. To verify your signature on your ballot, call (702) 455-6552.

Starting Monday, there will only be one results update a day, instead of two. This change was made due to the small number of ballots now being received.

“Clark County received 24 [mail-in] ballots today,” Gloria said.