Clark County educators happy and hopeful now that deal was reached with CCSD


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A big part of the struggle between the school district and the teachers union was the promised pay bump for educators who worked on improving themselves. Now, the moment educators across Clark County have been waiting for is finally here.

Their demands have been met, and now, teachers who have worked to advance themselves are getting the pay, they say they deserve.

“I tried to do a backflip, it didn’t work, so I just did a cartwheel instead, but I was elated,” said Jay Fair, P.E. Teacher at Brinley Middle School.

A lot of teachers are feeling happy and hopeful since the new deal has been reached.

“Been at the same school, with the same kids for my entire career,” said Fair.

Fair is a P.E. teacher at Brinley Middle School.

“I’m also the basketball coach, the soccer coach, and the track coach.”

It’s safe to say she’s always busy. But along with being a teacher, Fair has spent hours as a student working to get a Master’s Degree through CCSD’s professional growth plan, which is when teachers take extra courses approved by CCSD and then submit their credits for a column movement.

“Not only am I trying to grow professionally for my students, but also for my family; you know I want to make sure that I can provide the things for my daughter that I need to,” Fair said. “Without this raise that was promised to me, I wouldn’t be able to advance my family as well.”

The agreement made between CCSD and the teachers union means a strike has been avoided, and teachers like Fair will get a pay bump. The raise equals out to about $5,400, for roughly 2,500 educators. School counselor Mandy Yeoman is included in that.

“My family depends on my income to survive,” Yeoman said.

The CCEA says revisions can be made to the professional growth plan, but both the union and the school district would need to agree to them. However, it’s unclear what the impact of that would be.

“I think it would really depend on what those revisions were and what steps we would need to take to move forward toward attaining raises,”” said Yeoman.

“I can’t wait to see that money on my check,” Fair said.

Everything needs to be finalized by the teachers union and CCSD. Only the teachers that met their requirements will get the pay increase.

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