The coroner’s office says unsafe sleeping conditions kill a baby almost every two weeks in Clark County.

Those deaths are due to suffocating or rolling off the bed and it happens to any demographic. Stories of babies dying face down on their parent’s shoulder. Others in a crib, that might not even look all that cluttered. 

8 News Now talked with the coroner’s office about the problem they keep seeing and wish could just go away.

“We have so many of them,” said Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg.

So many baby deaths and the fact that they’re preventable makes it more heartbreaking.

“Hands down every one of our staff members has a couple cases that they can’t forget,” Fundenberg said. “It’s hard not to imagine your own child that could have suffocated.”

Fudenberg says the latest study recorded 31 such baby deaths across Nevada in 2016. Parents sharing a bed or putting things they shouldn’t in a crib. 

He says that’s a typical number every year.

Baby’s Bounty works to prevent those deaths. Kim Amato is founder and executive director.

“The only thing that should be in the crib is the baby,” she said. “And the baby should be on its back. No blankets. Nothing hanging on the bed. We do want your baby to sleep in a sleep sack. No loose bedding. And then as far as the bumpers go, no bumpers. More babies have suffocated on bumpers. Nine states do not sell bumpers anymore. So, we’re hoping to get our state to take them off the market, as well.”

This month, the non-profit reaches a milestone of one decade, helping more than 4,900 babies along the way.

More than a million dollars’ worth in essentials, including cribs, handed out. Their clients go through case workers from as many as 175 agencies.

“Human trafficking, the teens that are shunned by their families,” Amato said. “They have no support system.”

Fudenberg says they want to warn every family, before it’s too late.

“The emotional distress and trauma that a family can go through when they experience an infant death is like no other.”

Baby’s Bounty is by Polaris Avenue and Desert Inn Road. That location opened in November and it’s the first time they get to have warehouse space for deliveries. Here is a link to Baby’s Bounty.

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