City plans to use ‘Nasal Ranger’ to bust smelly situations


From pet hoarding to marijuana grow houses, the City of Las Vegas has had its fair share of smelly issues and now the City has found a way to handle it.

The City Council voted Wednesday to approve a change to the ordinances which will allow it to address and measure nuisance odors.

They also showed off a strange new tool to deal with the smelly problems.

The new odor ordinance won’t affect restaurants, or rural residences that include animals or agriculture operations.

It also won’t include smoke from fire pits, barbecues, or marijuana or cigarette smoke inside a residence or in a yard.

“If we get a complaint, maybe its someone who has a lot of cats and we get that ammonia smell, we can go out and can test it and see if it rises to the level of being a nuisance and then go through that code enforcement process where the code enforcement officer will work with them to abate that issue,” said Jace Radke, City of Las Vegas.

The tool the city code enforcement officer will use to get to the bottom of any unpleasant smells is called a Nasal Ranger.

“So, the way it works is you put it on your nose like this, and it’s kind of like a breathalyzer for your nose. So, you have to breathe in and it gives you a reading right there.” Radke said.

The Nasal Ranger would be used over a 48-hour period to measure continued odors. The new ordinance is expected to take effect as soon as this weekend.

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