City of North Las Vegas approves no-smoking ordinance


Smoking in areas where children are at play in North Las Vegas city parks and recreational areas will now be prohibited.

City officials passed and adopted a new ordinance that will now restrict smoking in areas within 100 feet of children, such as sporting fields, spectator areas, restrooms, and entrances to all recreational facilities.

The no-smoking ordinance will take effect immediately, although the goal is education not penalties. City officials will install “Young lungs at play” signs near playgrounds in the city’s parks to inform visitors that smoking is not allowed in the areas.

City officials want to ensure safe, clean air in areas where children congregate around all park and recreational locations.

The new ordinance also includes tobacco use of any kind, including, the use of electronic or vaporized smoking devices, prohibited at any park, trail or recreational facility within 100 feet of children.

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