City of Henderson takes aim at internet scams with new program


HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — Scams related to internet sales, that is something that is becoming all to frequent in today’s society, so the City of Henderson is taking action.

Henderson just created a program designed to keep the community safe. It’s called the Internet Purchase Exchange Location, and its goal is to help reduce and deter fraudulent transactions and criminal acts.

Leslie Zwicker lives in Henderson, and she says she’s concerned when she has to deal with online sales.

“I [had] partaken in a little bit of it, but I never actually did a transaction,” Zwicker said.

Why? Because Zwicker says she doesn’t feel comfortable going to a stranger’s home.

But things are a little different for Las Vegan Marrisa Akau.

“So they contact me just through those either market place or offer up,” Akau said. “I always ask them to meet me at a place that I feel comfortable.”

According to Akau, those places consist of gas stations, grocery stores, or well-lit areas.

“As much as I think I’m cautious of who I’m meeting with, you never know what could happen,” said Akau.

That’s one of the reasons the Henderson Police Department has designated two clearly marked parking spaces in the front parking lots of the north and west police substations.

The Internet Exchange Zone is meant for person to person transactions.

According to the city, even though the Internet Exchange Zones are safe designations to conduct internet exchanges, people should still avoid going alone. It’s also important to let your family and friends know the time of your intended exchange. Police say it’s also important to avoid giving strangers your personal information and exchanges at night.

Along with Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Metro Police have incorporated the internet exchange zone programs as well.

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