City Council offers solutions to traffic tie-ups during Project Neon


Among those dealing with bottleneck traffic Wednesday morning were members of the Las Vegas City Council who just so happened to meet with NDOT officials later in the day.

While receiving an update on Project Neon, some offered their own suggestions on how to alleviate congestion.      

“I would like to actually push the issue a little harder and meet with your superiors and see if we can just put a pillowcase over the HOV lanes and open that up as soon as possible, like tomorrow,” said Councilwoman Michele Fiore.

She wants to eliminate the carpool lanes during construction of Project Neon. Taking a moment during the meeting with NDOT officials to express her grievances.

“For the last two days, it’s taken me 45 minutes. I get on 95 and Ann to get here,” she said.

Her suggestion came up during a project update.

“We’re over 60 percent complete,” said Dale Keller, NDOT.

NDOT just kicked off the final phase dubbed “The Main Event” earlier this week. It’s the most impactful.

“I just want it to be over with,” said driver  Raul Rodriguez.

It has resulted in closures and lane restrictions which, at times, have created backups for miles and tempers to flare on the road.

“If anyone comes to me, I can tell them it will get no worse than this? And if we can handle this then we can handle the rest?” Mayor Pro Tem Lois Tarkanian said.

“That’s a very bold statement, but I feel confident that will be the case,” Keller said.

But some want more to happen now.

“We’ve got to satisfy the here and now, and right now, here and now, this is challenging,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

Councilman Bob Coffin even recommended using the HOV lanes to help alleviate traffic problems.

“Those HOV lanes can be your future mass transit lanes,” Coffin said.

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