Child severely injured in dog attack


Warning: Viewers might find photos of the girl’s injuries disturbing.

A 3-year-old girl severely hurt in a brutal dog attack is recovering and just weeks later, the dog is back on the streets with its owner.

The little girl’s family wants to know why.  So, they’re sharing their story and some graphic photos of their daughter’s injuries.

Nevada has no specific law about liability for dog-bite injuries.

In this case, where a little girl was bitten by a Neapolitan Mastifff near Eastern and Hacienda avenues, the owner was able to get his dog back because it’s the first time she has bitten anyone. However, should it happen again, the owner could face jail time.

“It’s very rare that you will find me without her,” said said Jordan Myers, the girl’s father.

On April 2, Annabella nearly lost her life on a residential street.

“It picked Annabella up by the head … pinned her to the ground of the driveway and started attacking her,” Myers said.

Annabella underwent surgery on her ear and is now recovering.

“I’d give anything if Annabella wasn’t hurt,” said Claudia Horsley, Annabella’s great-grandmother.

This isn’t the first complaint lodged against the dog’s owner.

“Why wasn’t it on a lead? Why wasn’t there any way for him to control that dog?” Horsley questions.

Though the dog’s owner declined to speak on camera, he did say he adopted Bella months ago and had never had a problem with her until now. He says, he’s taking the proper precautions to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone again.

“It was a big dog. It came up to my hip. It definitely had the ability to kill me,” Myers said.

Animal control held Bella for 10 days and then gave her back to her owner.

“She was just in torture and she was so afraid,” Horsley said of her granddaughter.

That smile has come a long way. Annabella’s father say she will never forget that day.

“She’s still not the same as she used to be.”

Clark County officials say the case is on open investigation which means a citation could be given at a later date.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Annabella’s medical bills.

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