Chewy the dog has found his fur-ever home after his story became a viral sensation back in July.

The 3-month-old puppy was abandoned at McCarran International Airport along with a heartbreaking note from his former owner explaining why she could no longer take care of him.

The note said she was the victim of domestic violence and could not afford to take Chewy on her flight. 

“With domestic violence, unfortunately, pets are the silent victims. That really wasn’t known as much until Chewy’s story came about,” said Patricia Montano, Chewy’s foster parent. 

The note also said the owner’s boyfriend kicked Chewy and he likely needed to see a veterinarian. 

The airport employee who found Chewy contacted Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue here in Las Vegas who decided to help. 

On Saturday, the organization held a fundraiser for rescue pets and to raise awareness about how domestic violence can also affect animals. 

“Unfortunately, the abusers do pick on pets quite often. They don’t like that the women love their pets,” Montano said. 

In addition to the fundraiser, Chewy will go home with his new family with a big send-off.

The rescue says they received thousands of applications from all over the world, but as with any other rescue, they chose a family who “feels right” and had to make sure they wanted to be his forever home and didn’t just want him for the fame. 

His new family is local, so he’ll continue to be a Las Vegas native. 

For anyone at home who wants to adopt a new furry friend, the event called Barking with the Beetles will run until 8:30 p.m. at the Henderson Pavilion. 

You can also attend just to have fun and support the cause.