Charges still possible in child death case


Police say the death of a 4-year-old boy who was left inside a hot car Thursday appears to be accidental, but charges are still possible for the adult who was supposed to care for him.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office identified the boy as 4-year-old Seth Franz.

No one answered the door Friday of the home where Franz was left in a hot car.

Police say a family member, who was supposed to be watching him, found Franz Thursday afternoon and called for help.

The boy was unresponsive and died at Sunrise Hospital.

Temperatures hovered at 100 degrees Thursday afternoon, meaning temperatures inside a vehicle could reach 140 degrees.

Police are trying to figure out how long the boy was left alone and how he ended up in the vehicle.

Neighbor Inarvis Pena says she knows who was caring for him.

“The grandpa just forgot that the child fell asleep in the car, and it’s been very, very sad… very, very sad, very devastating,” she said.

After learning what happened, Pena says her heart broke for the toddler’s mother.

“She came this morning, and she was very devastated. She was, ‘I just lost my son,’” Pena said. “She was very sad.”

In the four years she’s lived on Welter Avenue, Pena says her neighbors have been ideal. She says the child’s grandfather lived in the home with another daughter, and the entire family was friendly.

“This has been a very sad tragedy. Everybody was crying here, because their real good people,” Pena said.

Pena says she believes the child died in a pick-up truck in the driveway of the home. She says Franz’s grandfather owns the truck.

Pena says, even though she didn’t know Franz was left in the vehicle, she regrets not being able to rescue the boy.

“We’re all out here. I come in and out, and I didn’t see nobody in the truck. I didn’t see nothing. That’s what I wish –  I could have seen something,” she said.

Fire officials say a child’s body can overheat much faster than the body of an adult.

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