UPDATE: Desert Oasis plot involved others and a mortar, arrest report says


Cody Pomeroy is facing charges for allegedly plotting an attack against a Las Vegas school.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A former Desert Oasis High School student planned an attack on the school using a mortar rigged with glass jars for shrapnel, according to an arrest report.

Cody Pomeroy, 18, was charged Friday morning with making a terroristic threat and “possession of component of explosive or incendiary device with the intent to manufacture explosive of incendiary device.” A witness said the attack was revenge on a person that was “speaking badly” about his group.

At least one other person was involved in the plot, according to the arrest report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Police learned of the plan from an assistant manager at the McDonalds at Rainbow Boulevard and Blue Diamond Road where Pomeroy worked.

The names of other were redacted in the arrest report.

The device recovered by the Metro bomb squad was described as a “mortar stacking.” Heavy glass jars were affixed to explosives and a commercial fuse was used.

Pomeroy admitted he built the device on July 5 after he was playing around with fireworks, police said. He had planned to set it off in the desert. He said he knew that the glass would break and shatter.

Pomeroy talked about the planned attack while at work, and the threat — initially dismissed — was originally to attack on Monday, Aug. 19. Someone involved in the plot was sick that day, Pomeroy told his assistant manager.

Pomeroy said the attack would take place next week. “It’s all set, waiting for the time!” he told the assistant manager.

Managers at the McDonalds contacted police.

One person told police they believed Pomeroy was suicidal.

Pomeroy said that he and others involved were going to wear white, and that would be the signal that the shooting would happen.

Pomeroy was taken into custody on Tuesday after law enforcement became aware of his alleged threat. Pomeroy, who was in Las Vegas Justice Court Friday, was granted $100,000 bail but must wear electronic monitoring. However, he has not posted bail yet.

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