The Politics NOW team has been sitting down with the southern Nevada congressional candidates. In this story, you’ll hear from Republican Michael Roberson in the Congressional District 3 race.

One of the biggest issues among the crowded field of Republicans in the CD3 race is the nasty “T” word – taxes.

Challengers have been targeting State Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson who voted to implement Governor Brian Sandoval’s commerce tax.

“In terms of Senator Roberson’s record, it’s not just that he pushed through the largest tax hike in state history, but that he did this after campaigning for re-election to a state senate seat as a friend of the taxpayer,” said Republican Andy Mathews, CD3 candidate.

“Michael and I legislate differently, what I tell folks I’m going to do, I do, and what Michael tells folks he’s going to do, he doesn’t,” said Republican Michele Fiore, CD3 candidate. 

What opponents like Andy Mathews and Michele Fiore are referring to is Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson’s previous commitment to not raise taxes.

He signed an anti-tax pledge in 2010, but most recently pushed Governor Sandoval’s so-called commerce tax through the state legislature.

On “Politics NOW” this week, Roberson doubled-down on that decision saying his view has evolved as he’s risen into leadership positions in Carson City.

“When you’re in a position of leadership, a position of responsibility, you’ve got to pay for things,” Roberson said. “If you want a good school system, you’ve got to pay for it.”

Roberson is quick to point out that Nevada still has the 5th lowest tax rate for businesses in the country, even with the tax increase.

The CD3 seat is held by Republican Joe Heck right now, but is open because Heck is running to fill Harry Reid’s seat in the U.S. Senate. There are also several Democrats running to face the eventual Republican primary winner in the general election this November. 

You can watch more from the interview on “Politics NOW” with Steve Sebelius and Patrick Walker Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

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