LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— This is the first time 8 News Now is directly hearing from a CCSD teacher about being assaulted. The assault happened the same day as a school board meeting on school violence took place, just this past week.

While she didn’t want to give her name or the middle school she works at, the teacher said she is now contemplating whether teaching within the district is something she wants to continue, as she is a first-year teacher.

The incident happened during first period on Friday, when an apparent fight broke out between two girls. When the teacher tried to stop it, she ended up getting attacked in the process. The teacher said she was tackled, punched several times, and had her hair pulled.

When she came to, the teacher said it was her other students surrounding her asking if she was OK?

Now, she is left wondering what her next move will be because she’s never experienced anything like this before.

As for the students involved, both were suspended. The teacher said the faculty had her fill out a report, but she still ended up working the rest of the day.

The numbers obtained from CCSD, show that there were more than 5,300 cases of violence reported this school year alone.