CCSD Superintendent releases 90-day entry plan


‘One team, one goal: Making CCSD number one for kids;’ that’s the name of the 90-day entry plan just released by new Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.

Go here to read CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s 90-Day entry plan

In his introduction, Dr. Jara says it’s crucial to move into the action phase of that entry plan to make for a swift transition of leadership.

His overall vision will be carried out with CCSD leaders working as a team, and the community.  Dr. Jara’s plan is centered around four questions:

  1. How does the board of trustees and community measure success?
  2. How close is CCSD to realizing goals?
  3. What are the challenges; both long and short term? 
  4. Do all stakeholders share a common belief and understanding of the district’s path forward?

The plan’s been divided into three phases.

The first, pre-entry, involves listening and learning and it will run through June 29.

The second phase is called “Entry” and involves listening, learning and leading. It runs from July 1 to Sept. 28.

The third phase is the “Development of Action Plan.”  

All three phases have community involvement and accountability to see more about how Dr. Jara wants the community to be involved.

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