LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The first week of classes in Clark County School District has revealed frustrations among some staff when it comes to the district’s COVID-19 safety policies.

Last week, employees encountered long lines at testing sites. New problems have cropped up with Emocha App, the system 40,000 district staff members use to log daily symptoms.

Amy, a teacher in CCSD who asked not to use her last name, said several employees at her school were forced to miss work Monday.

“I received a yellow badge (on Emocha) this morning,” said Amy, who added several of her coworkers experienced the same warning when they logged into the app.

The badge meant that Amy and others came into contact with a person at school who tested positive for COVID-19. Staff members were instructed to call the CCSD Health Staff information line for their next steps.

“I called every two minutes for about an hour… and received a busy signal and the call was ended,” she said.

Amy reported trying to call 25 more times without success. It was a similar situation for a coworker who shared a screenshot showing she was on hold with health staff for nearly three hours.

“I am very concerned because I want CCSD to be doing the absolute best to keep us in school,” said Amy.

In addition to excessive call times, Amy said some coworkers who were exposed received a gray badge in the Emocha App, which typically means they did not log their daily symptoms.

Amy is calling on CCSD to make the process more efficient in order to keep her campus safe and open for class.

8 News Now reached out to CCSD for more information on its health hotline and any issues it may be having. For now, the district is asking for patience from staff members.