CCSD rolls out policies aimed at protecting students


The Clark County School District is rolling out new policies and regulations explaining what the boundaries should be between students and adults.

It’s designed to protect students from potential inappropriate relationships with adults. It comes after a new state law, SB287 passed in 2017 mandating that every CCSD employee and some volunteers must pass a background check and submit their fingerprints.

They’re called policy and regulation 4,100, changes by the Clark County School District to define boundaries between students and staff members, including volunteers.

“Teachers are not allowed to text students one-on-one unless it’s the case of an emergency,” said Kirsten Searer, CCSD spokesperson.

Personal accounts, including social media, cannot be used for communicating without a parent’s approval.

District spokesperson Kirsten Searer says the distict is adapting to the times.

“Kids are communicating in different ways now, they’re texting their teachers, they’re reaching out to them on a one-on-one basis,” she said.

The recent changes were passed by the school board in the fall of 2017. Last July, a different policy, state law SB287 went into effect, expanding background checks and fingerprinting to adult volunteers.

“We want to make sure that everyone who’s around our kids regularly or without supervision has a background check,” Searer said. “CCSD had already done a background check on all of our employees and our coaches, so this is just an extra layer of protection.”

Regular volunteers are defined as having contact with students at least four times per month.

“The vast, vast majority of our employees are really kind-hearted people who would not get involved in this sort of thing,” Searer said.

Rosemarie Kudo has an 11th grade daughter in the district and agrees with the series of policy changes.

“It’s really vitally important that everyone has a thorough background check,” Kudo said. There’s too many predators out there.”

Volunteers have to be fingerprinted by CCSD Police services only and it costs $60. The district says those who cannot afford to pay for it can still volunteer, but only supervised and up to three times a month.

They’ve had a dip in volunteers. Some parents have either refused or cannot afford the fee. 

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