CCSD Police protect 321K students


The Florida school massacre and threats reportedly made by a local student are raising concerns about campus safety and the role of school police.

The recent incidents have left many families on edge.

“She said, ‘I’m scare dad,'” said parent Ruben Medina. 

He rushed to Valley High School Friday morning to pick up his daughter after receiving alarming text messages.

“She says that there’s a gang. It’s going to come and shoot up the school,” Medina said.

Clark County School District Police say the threat is from last week out of a school in Alabama with the same name.

They say students on social media sometimes get the location mixed up, but Medina isn’t taking any chances.

“I don’t want her to be in school scared. So, I’m pulling her out just to be safe,” he said.

Medina would like to see more police on campus.

Valley High School does have a CCSD police officer making some students feel safer.

“Because they’re always walking around so they’re always making sure we’re here and also cause our hall monitors are always around too,” said Lillian Morales, student, Valley High School.

In fact, the school district has previously said each of its 49 high schools has an officer on campus. The rest of the schools have rotating officers who patrol an assigned area.

“More would be better for parents and students and that way everybody is safe. Everyone can come to school without being worried and you know, fearing for their lives,” said Ross Esparza, student, Valley High School.

Over all, CCSD has the budget for about 160 sworn officers to protect more than 321,000 students.

Esparza says, considering recent events, he doesn’t feel safe at school.

Last fall, a budget shortfall forced a hiring freeze district-wide, including for school police. However, after an outburst of violence on campuses, CCSD Police were allowed to fill vacant positions.

“I believe more school police will help, yeah, active at the campus and they show themselves more often,” Medina said.

CCSD has an officer for about every 2,000 students. That’s higher than the national average.

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