LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Students at Henderson’s Lamping Elementary School will continue learning remotely for at least the next two weeks following several positive COVID-19 cases on campus. Now, some parents say they are worried the shutdown is happening too soon into the school year and more could be on the way.

“If we keep seeing these large amounts of numbers having to quarantine weekly, I do see them just going ahead and pushing them back to distance learning for the safety,” said Danielle Smith, a parent of four children in the Clark County School District.

Smith was recently notified that one of her two children at J. E. Manich Elementary near Nellis Air Force Base came into contact with a positive COVID-19 case.

“It was very frustrating because it was very hard to get through to anyone at the school first thing in the morning,” said Smith.

Smith decided to quarantine all four of her children, even though the school told her only one would have to.

“We’re putting these kids at risk by doing that,” said Smith. “We need a proper protocol for quarantine for situations like this where there’s multiple kids in the school district in the same household.”

According to the CCSD Covid-19 case tracker, there have been just under 300 positive cases this month, including 14 in the week since in-person classes began.

Some parents are already looking into switching their students back into full-time distance learning, including Melissa Valle.

“A lot of us parents were not expecting this to happen, said Valle. “When school ended, all of the cases were declining. I just don’t think was planned out right. I think the students should be home again, safe.”

Valle said she expects more schools to follow Lamping Elementary into online education.

“I just think that it was too soon for the kids to go back,” said Valle. “I wish now that I just would have signed my daughter up for online in the beginning because now I’m on a waiting list.”

CCSD has not said how many positive COVID-19 cases it would take to trigger a full return to distance learning for all schools across the district.