CCSD opposes expansion of Wells Cargo asphalt operations


The battle over air quality for a neighborhood in the southwest continues, but residents are applauding a small victory thanks to the Clark County School Board.
Trustees voted unanimously to pass a resolution opposing any expansion of Wells Cargo’s asphalt operations. Wells Cargo wants to expand its current asphalt operation but to make that happen, Clark County would have to approve permits. That possibility is just increasing the amount of backlash from a grassroots effort that’s emerged from homeowners nearby.

The plant would be on the south side of Spring Mountain Road at Tenaya Way. Jason Hunt is a local resident and says, “they’ve already expanded their production the last couple of years and it’s severely affected the air. So doing it even more so, I can’t even imagine what that would be like.”

The CCSD Board of Trustees passed a resolution to oppose that request to the Clark County Board of Commissioners in hopes that the commissioners will deny any current or future expansion plans by Wells Cargo.

Diane Henry is a local resident and says, “I was both relieved and extremely happy. I would like to thank the trustees for supporting our efforts to help the students of Spring Valley High School and improve the air quality in the community.”

Homeowners, parents and concerned residents consistently protest and hold meetings in an effort to push back at the company which so many say is to blame for the poor air quality in the area.

Hunt says, “kids are going to be there 6-8 hours a day and breathing in that air, whether they’re inside or outside. It’s low quality air and that exposure over time is definitely a bad thing.”     

As County Commissioners will decide on permit requests from the company, trustees say the right choice is to not allow any increase in emissions that will impact air quality and ultimately children’s health.

Carolyn Edwards is President of the CCSD Board of Trustees says, “we would hope that Wells Cargo would consider being a good neighbor.”

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