Here is the news release from Clark County School District on Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 10:45 a.m.

Update on CCSD contract negotiations

LAS VEGAS – As teacher contract bargaining between the Clark County School District (CCSD) and the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) continues, the district is pleased that the union has agreed to mediation after days of using stalling tactics and threats that have left this entire community on edge. However, with the union’s continued threat of a strike still on the table, Monday, the district had no choice but to seek an injunction from the courts to stop the walkout action from going forward. Our children, nor our teachers, are not pawns on a chessboard.  With only 54% of CCSD teachers retaining membership in the union, it’s hard to believe that those who have dedicated their lives to serving children would walk away from these most precious assets. Enough with the scare tactics and political tug of war that only leaves the most vulnerable in the worst situation.

 A compromise must be met and it must be met now. In a few weeks, here’s what’s really at stake: 

  • Over 320,000 children will not receive the education they are entitled to. 
  • Teachers will not receive compensation, leaving their families struggling to find ways to pay bills and care for their own children.
  • Many parents will not be able to go to work because we will not have enough qualified staff and substitute teachers to educate our students. 

The ripple effect will be powerful and it will be felt throughout the state of Nevada. 

Our local law enforcement and CCSD PD will be on high alert to ensure that 320,000 children are safe and secure in this state. Our economy will be affected because many of our parents don’t have the luxury of time to sit at home with their children as the district engages in a struggle with the teacher’s union. A union that has been unwilling to make any concessions with a financially strained district. We are ready. We have been ready and we will continue to hold mediation and to compromise. In a statement released last night from CCEA, they agreed to come to the table for mediation after days of silence. We welcome the opportunity to talk, as we always have. We are willing to give in this process, but threatening students and teachers is not a conversation we are willing to have. Let’s come to the table with children first in mind and resolve this impasse in the best interest of all involved.

 Status of the Current Offer

The union has agreed to adjust language to adjust teacher salaries by 3%, but rejected the terms of the proposed step increase and health insurance benefit increase due to the offer being contingent upon the availability of funding from the State. CCEA also rejected CCSD’s offer of a one-time lump sum payment, if the district is able to find the funds at some point in the future, to those due payment from participation in the Professional Growth System. Despite this, the district is hopeful that an agreement can be reached during mediation. 

Compromise is the key!