The Clark County School District is facing a $68 million budget deficit heading into the next school year.

The deficit comes after two rulings approved salary and health insurance increases for employees. Schools will have to reduce funds to pay for the deficit.

CCSD is estimating the $68 million budget deficit based on the following rulings:

  • $51 million – cost of April arbitration decision for the licensed personnel contract in 2017-18 and 2018-19.
  • $14 million – cost of the first year of implementation of the Professional Growth System.
  • $3 million – cost of the latest arbitration decision related to placement of teachers on salary schedule.

According to a CCSD memo from Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky’s office, each school and department will have to absorb the cost of their increased employee salaries within their respective budgets.

There will be weighted per-pupil reductions. The per-pupil reduction for elementary students will be $132.22, $153.30 for middle school students and $184.68 for high school students, the memo said.

The revised school budgets will be due on May 16.