CCSD conducts drills to prepare for possible active-shooter situation in schools


A deadly school shooting in Florida has parents of children and teens across the country on edge. Police say 17 people were killed, and numerous others were injured in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s been reported that the students attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where the mass shooting occurred, went through drills to deal with incidents like this weeks before the shooting.  

The Clark County School District says it also conducts drills to prepare in case something similar happens in the Las Vegas valley.  In fact, all of the schools in the Clark County School District have to do drills multiple times a year to know what to do in case of any emergency, including an active shooter on campus.

Ccsd wouldn’t provide any specifics about the drills saying it’s important to keep that information confidential in case a mass shooting were to happen on campus.

However, the district did say students and faculty learn and practice how to evacuate and shelter in place, which is exactly what the students and teachers did during the mass shooting Wednesday in Parkland, Florida.

Students and teachers used chairs and other furniture to block doors to classrooms.  The students who were able to escape evacuated the school with their hands up, as law enforcement officer led them to safety.

Clark County School District Police say they have an agreement with other law enforcement agencies in the valley that would respond and work together during any emergency.

“Well I mean, its the time that we’re living in you know, said Capt. Ken Young, Clark County School District Police Department.  “We’re prepared for that and any other type of emergency that may come up.  We’ve been very fortunate here in our city that because of our relationship with law enforcement, the visibility of law enforcement on campus and then our interaction with students that we try minimize those opportunities.”

Captain Young says many of the changes, when it comes to preparedness, came after Columbine.  Two local school shootings decades ago were also wake-up calls for CCSD.

In 1982 a valley high school teacher was gunned down on campus. Then in 1990, an El Dorado High School student was killed on the first day of school.

CCSD Police say they are monitoring what’s going on in Florida. So far, there aren’t any known threats at any of the schools in the Las Vegas valley.

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