CCSD compiles final numbers for budget; balance 2017-18 fiscal year will be $10.2M


The 2017-2018 school budget was back on the table Thursday night at the Clark County School District’s Board of Trustees meeting.

The districts chief financial officer showed trustees that CCSD has $10.2 million in its fund balance, moving forward. The ending fund balance is the amount of money the district has left over after paying its expenses last year’s. 

The CFO explained that the 2018 final budget saw salaries go over the intended amount of roughly $15 million.  That came after the teachers union reached a deal with the district for higher pay.  However, the total services, supplies, and property came in under budget, crediting nearly $27 million in school supplies that carried over from the previous year, along with savings from new buses which didn’t get charged on this budget but will still be applied on the next budget.

“We had about $30 million in buses that we anticipated buying and if they don’t come in before June, we don’t actually have to spend the money and that becomes restricted funds for the following year because they can only be used for buses,” Jason Goudie.

Another way to look at the fund balance is as a type of savings account that the district has in case of any emergencies that might pop up.

Moving forward the board plans to present quarterly updates about the budget as well as a detailed breakdown of where the money is going.

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