CCSD administrators’ union to Jara: ‘It’s time for you to go;’ CCEA says group should focus on fighting budget cuts


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The union that represents Clark County School District administrators, including principals, has sent a scorching letter to Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.

“You have irrevocably rendered yourself as insignificant and irrelevant with the elected leaders of the Nevada Legislature.  The CCSD can ill-afford to have you as the point person in the forthcoming Legislative Session.

Stephen Augspurger, CCASAPE

The letter from Stephen Augspurger, the executive director for Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional-Technical Employees, or CCASAPE, was sent to Jara Thursday with a copy going to the CCSD School Board of Trustees. The letter is calling for Jara’s removal or resignation.

The letter discusses the legislative special session hearing on Saturday regarding Assembly Bill 2 which would have allowed the district to take leftover money from individual schools and use it to help offset the district’s budget deficit. Jara denied CCSD was behind the bill and said it orginated with the Nevada Department of Education. This resulted in Governor Steve Sisolak and the state’s education chief, Jhone Ebert, firing off statements calling Jara a liar.

This week, you have been described as desperate, in panic mode.   You have revealed much about the true nature of your character.  You have shown that you are dishonest.  You lie; you manipulate; you cannot accept responsibility for your own actions; you blame others for your own mistakes and behavior; you have an inability to apologize and to say you are sorry; and you constantly attempt to divert attention from the problems you have created by shifting the focus to something or someone else.  You have further revealed what many already know: you are selfish, ego-centric, and without moral code or compass. “   

Stephen Augspurger, CCASAPE

Augspurger writes that Jara is “irreversibly ineffective” and “ill-prepared and unfit to be the Superintendent of the 5th largest school district in the country” and his “antics” at the special session will haunt him for the remainder of his professional career.

In a statement in response to the CCASAPE’s statement, the Clark County Education Association called out CCSD’s administration union for not helping them fight against the proposed budget cuts, along with not advocating for additional revenue.

CCEA said instead of advocating for schools, CCASAPE’s attention has been focused on Jara.

The Clark County Education Association sent a statement that says in part:

“CCEA’s focus has been two-fold. First, for over a year CCEA has been advocating for new revenue for K-12. Since Governor Sisolak has proposed these cuts, we have been aggressively opposed because they will be devastating, particularly to the most at-risk students in CCSD. Second, CCEA has been working to ensure any reopening of the CCSD must be done with the greatest safety precautions and effectiveness for our educators and students.

We are waiting for Governor Sisolak to release CARES dollars to meet this purpose. In this moment of greatest need, the administrator’s union has not fought against these cuts nor advocated for funding for our schools. What they have been focused on is Superintendent Jara; making him the most important issue of the day. Dr. Jara can answer for his own actions. Why isn’t the administrator’s union advocating for additional revenue and opposing these severe cuts to our school system.

They have focused on simply removing the Superintendent-as if that would resolve all of the problems we are facing right now. We disagree. This is a distraction driven by a political agenda. CCEA will have no part of it. “

Read the full statement from the CCEA below:

8 News Now has reached out to Superintendent Jara for a response to the union letter.

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