LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Independent voters don’t see Catherine Cortez Masto’s policies helping Nevada’s economy, so more are backing her Republican challenger, Adam Laxalt, in the race for U.S. Senator, according to a CBS News Battleground Tracker poll released Thursday.

The most recent poll finds the state’s likely voters supporting Laxalt 49% to 48% and that inflation — specifically the higher cost of groceries and gas — is a major concern, as in other Senate battleground states. The survey finds Laxalt has a slim edge over incumbent Cortez Masto among voters who prioritize those issues.

On Cortez Masto’s economic policies, 43% think her efforts have hurt the state’s economy to 42% seeing them has helping; 15% see the policies as not having much effect.

The CBS story on the results calls the battle a “nationalized race where voters are aware of the stakes: eight in 10 of each candidate’s supporters see their vote as helping their party win Senate control.”

Most likely voters also say the pandemic and how it was handled created a financial hardship. Three in four report higher prices being difficult, including four in 10 who say the situation has created a hardship, slightly higher than the percentage for voters nationally. Much pain has been felt at the pump, with Nevada having some of the nation’s highest gas prices. Most voters say that it’s impacting their families, including nearly half (49%) who say the hike in the price of gas is having a “a lot” of impact.

One issue that is working in Cortez Masto’s favor, according to the poll, is abortion. The CBS story says, “Her lead among voters who call it very important is wider than Laxalt’s is among voters who prioritize the economy, but far fewer voters place a lot importance on abortion relative to the economy and inflation, keeping this race tight.”

Among women, Cortez Maston leads 57% to 46%. Men favor Laxalt 56% to 40%, according to the poll.

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