Metro police are still searching for at least three other people involved in a staged car accident scheme in Las Vegas. As many as 35 victims have already come forward.

The best way to avoid these kind of accident scams are to drive carefully and to always be prepared. “I wasn’t scared. I was really irritated with the both of them,” said Karen Torres. Torres was pulling out of a parking space in a lot when a man and a woman in a car started honking at her. “I rolled down my window and he said you hit us and I said no I didn’t,” said Torres. Torres drove in front of a nearby surveillance camera and got out. “I looked at my car and I was like ‘What is on my car?’ because the marks were black and they kept saying that was paint, but the car was blue,” she said.

Torres believes the woman, who police now suspect was Sophia Nicholas, used a magic marker. According to Torres, the man asked her to give them $100 instead of going through an insurance company. She said no. 

Torres was almost scammed. A police report explains how the suspects made off with hundreds of dollars in one event. “They let me know there was a lot of cases. I was just one of them,” she said. “They got them to go ATM’s, they stole their wallets…”

Three people have already been arrested for the scheme. 38-year-old Barbara Miller and her 19-year-old daughter Amanda Miller, along with 28-year-old Sophia Nicholas were arrested on August 13th.

Police are still searching for the others. “We were all women who were alone. The other ones were college aged, mostly female, and elderly.”

Torres says she’s worried people won’t come forward because they were chastised on the internet for falling victim to the scam. But she believes getting the other suspects off the streets is much more important. 

Police ask that if something like this happened to you, to call them.