Canadian men adopt Golden Knights as their home team


Imagine you live in a province in Canada with no sports identity. Well two men from Saskatchewan  are rallying their community together to adopt the Vegas Golden Knights. Their idea has put the province in the spotlight.

If an NHL team won’t come to you, then you go and find one to adopt. That’s basically what’s happening with two Canadians.

“I’m from Saskatchewan but I cheer for Vegas!”

YouTubers Justin Reves and Greg Moore are turning Vegas Born into their Canadian cause.

“They are the golden misfits, we are in the land of the wheat filled with gold fields and people are misunderstanding us all the time. No team really wants us, meanwhile we think we’re pretty awesome. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a hockey team to prove that we’re awesome but now we do,” Reves said.

Growing up with the love of hockey basically embedded in their DNA yet no NHL team to call their own. They saw the Golden Knights as the dawn of a new era.

“We started looking into it and we’re like, Vegas has more Canadians on it than most of the Canadian teams on it plus it has our boy on it from Saskatchewan on it, Brayden McNabb,” Reves said.

So, they started a petition for Saskatchewan to adopt the Golden Knights as their team. Upping the ante by getting mascots involved.

Scoring a VGK jersey for Gainer the gopher — from the Roughriders — to wear. Plus getting a surprise visit from Chance in their hometown.

And then a truly “puck drop” moment for some fans when the team responds saying, in part, “If an entire province would like to adopt the Golden Knights as their official team, we’d be all for it.”

“Most of the other provinces in Canada look down on us, and that’s what was refreshing from Vegas,” Reves said.

“That for us, was like, wait you see us? You acknowledge us? This is home for us now,” Greg Moore said.

Justin and Greg are vlogging all of their adventures and their videos have hundreds of thousands of views. They’re heading to Vegas this week to watch the home games.

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